We serve delicious cocktails, tapas & high teas We do not have a scone in sight...

If you're looking for a menu with a difference then you're in the correct place. We at bone china thank you for your custom

We hope you enjoy your experience here with us whist you dine.

We would just like to inform you that all our dishes are home cooked & each dish is cooked to order by Vicky & her team. A short delay may occur during busy times. So grab a nibble and another cocktail whilst you wait!

A 10% discretionary service charge will be added to your bill for all tables of 6 or more
We thank you for your custom x

Just a bite

Something on its own....
£3.00 each

A Perfect little nibble with a drink from the bar

Artisan bread with oil & balsamic (v) (vg)
A cup of mixed olives in a homemade marinade (v) (vg)
Fresh anchovies with farmhouse bread
A cup of root vegetable crisps with a horseradish cream dip (vg)
Nacho crisps with hummus & paprika (v) (vg)
A glass of sundried tomatoes & roasted peppers (v) (vg)
Maple roasted nuts (v) (vg)
Choose 5 of the above for £12

Crisp and dips

A selection of yummy crisps served with fresh homemade salsa, crème fraiche & tomato chutney


Monday – Saturday 12pm-4pm

Open sandwiches £7.50

Served on open farmhouse bread
Served with a side salad & a cup of yummy crisps
Slow cooked pulled pork with a BBQ marinade served with a crunchy raw tomato & red onion salad
Delicious beef & chilli meatballs with a tomato sauce & cheddar cheese
Melted Brie, red onion chutney & bacon
Truffle rosemary Ham, cheese & pickle
Serrano ham, tomato chutney & sundried toms
Cured smoked salmon with lemon, black pepper, cream cheese
Fish goujon open sandwich with tartar sauce & fresh lemon (not gf)

Creamy hummus topped with grilled mixed peppers (vg(v)
Cucumber & cream cheese with black pepper(vg)

Homemade soup of the week, with crunchy farmhouse bread...

Perfect to warm your cockles £7.00

Feeling leafy Salads

The super food £10
Mixed leaves with nuts, seeds, blueberries, kale, green beans, spring onions, carrot, sweet potato, chick peas & cucumber

The Billy goat £11
Goats cheese & mixed leaves with pomegranate seeds, strawberries, sunflower seeds, spinach, spring onions, carrot & cucumber with a red onion chutney & balsamic

The fiery prawn £12
Pan fried prawns with spicy chorizo on a bed of mixed leaves with cucumber, spring onions, carrot & pomegranate seeds.


Monday – Saturday 12pm-4pm

Tea @ Bee's

“Forever the traditionalist”
£35.00 for two persons sharing

With a delicious selection of sandwiches, smoked salmon, salad & Crips, homemade chocolate mousse, fruit posset & mini jellies, macaroons, farmhouse cake & other little homemade treats.
Accompanied by a pot of tea or coffee of your choice.
Please let your waiter or waitress know what high tea would like to choose:


Homage to the 'Boss'

Soft shell tacos
To share or for one
£25.00 /£12.00

Try our delicious soft shell tacos either with fish or chicken why not!!
Pimp it up for the 2 of you & choose both chicken & fish with wraps, salad, salsa, fresh onion salad & all your classic dips
mmmm delicious!


>Your chef will be selecting your sandwiches, Please advise us of dietary requirements

We ask where possible please for your high tea to be pre-ordered when booking your table for tables of 4 or more. If not pre ordered this will be down to the discretion of the chef.

The 'Mad Hatter'

“Tea Party”

Monday – Saturday 12pm-4pm

£35.00 for two persons sharing

The savoury

A slice of homemade quiche
A mixed salad
Some lovely mixed Italian meats
A cup of crisps
A salmon dill & crème fraiche salad
Pulled pork with a bbq sauce
Homemade beef meatballs in a tomato sauce
Roasted rosemary potatoes
Farmhouse breads

Now the sweet

Homemade macaroons (gf)
A flavoured posset
Boozy jellies
Chocolate mousse
Delicious cupcakes
Little treats
Accompanied by a pot of tea or coffee of your choice.
We ask where possible please for your tea party to be pre-ordered when booking your table for tables of 4 or more. If not pre ordered this will be down to the discretion of the chef.

Classic moules frites £12
Mussels classic in white wine, cream, garlic & parsley
Homemade fish goujons £11.50
Fresh hake fillets in panko bread crumbs with dill and lemon, served with chunky chips, salad and tartar sauce
Homemade blue cheese & spinach Quiche £9.50(vg)
Gorgonzola cheese & spinach with a side salad, crème fraiche & a side of roasted rosemary potatoes
Pulled pork in an American BBQ sauce £12.50
Slow cooked pork with a BBQ marinade served with a crunchy fresh red onion & tomato salad on a bed of roasted rosemary potatoes with a side salad
Marinated Sticky buffalo Chicken wings £12.00
Chicken wings in a spicy buffalo marinade with raisins served with a fresh tomatoes and red onion salad & chips
Open holly bush burger £12.00
Beef burger with lots of lovely spices served with a tomato chutney & topped with blue or cheddar cheese served with salad and chips
Open vegan Holiday Burger (vg)(v)(gf) £10.00
Sweet potato, chickpeas, nuts, spring onions, carrot, kale, sage & seeds served open with a burger sauce served with salad & chips
Vegan Sheppard's pie £10.50(vg)(v)(gf)
Vegetable medley with tomatoes, courgettes, chick peas sage, garlic, stock, spinach, green beans and more, topped with sliced potatoes and a crispy crumb served with salad & bread.


Monday-Saturday from 12pm onwards

Mezze Boards & Platters

Perfect for sharing or if you're feeling hungry
They do take time to prepare but they are delicious x

Not a Traditional ploughmen's £10
A selection of cheeses with pickle, truffle infused wafer thin ham, served with farmhouse bread, hummus, olives & a seasonal salad

Fish mezze £30
Smoked salmon, anchovies, pan fried chilli prawns & chorizo, fish goujons, steamed mussels & shell on tiger prawns, all served with fresh bread, humus, olives, mayo & a seasonal salad

Meat mezze £30

A selection of meats, Serrano & Italian hams, open beef burger, beef meatballs & pulled pork, chargrilled chicken strips, served with chutney, farmhouse bread, hummus, olives & a seasonal salad

Veggie platter £20(v) (vg)
Olives, hummus, roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes, root crisps, roasted sweet potatoes, holiday vegan burger, Roasted Mediterranean vegetable & Goats cheese melt, Vegan Sheppard's pie, served with breads, oils and dips.


Monday-Saturday from 12pm onwards

Small plates

Recommendation from the chef
2-3 dishes per person

All dishes are accompanied by their sides... We are not lonely, I come with salad, bread or garnishes or all if you're lucky x
Please specify if gluten free so we can change your bread
Thanks xx
Mussels mariniere £7.00 (gf)
The Classic way! A white wine, cream, garlic & parsley sauce

Pan fried chilli shell on king prawns £7.00(gf)
Prawns pan fried with garlic, parsley, chilli served with fresh chilli flakes & lemon

Scottish Smoked Salmon £7.00(gf)
Smoked salmon with dill served with anchovies & lemon

Pan fried prawns, chorizo & chick peas £7.50(gf)

Prawns pan fried with potatoes, chick peas & chorizo with lemongrass, ginger & coriander

Deep fried fennel & lemon squid £7.50
Deep fried calamari with fennel fried lemon and garlic mayo

Buddha salad £6.00 (v) (vg)(gf)
Roasted chick peas & sweet potato with greens, kale, pine nuts & seeds

Roasted Mediterranean vegetable & Goats cheese £6.50(gf)(vg)

Oven roasted Mediterranean Vegetables, with herbs and chilli flakes, topped with melted goats cheese sprinkled with toasted nuts & seeds

Baked camembert cheese with rosemary £6.50 (vg)(gf)

Baked camembert with a rosemary black pepper & croutons

Delicious beef & chilli meatballs £5.50(gf)
Pan fried meatballs in a light tomato sauce, topped with cheese, fresh herbs & chilli

Charcuterie board with a twist £6.00
Blue cheese, serrano ham, & seeds with onion chutney

Roasted Rosemary potatoes £3.50(gf)(vg)(v)
Fluffy potatoes roasted in olive oil, served with horseradish cream


Tomato chutney and crème fraiche & garnish £ 7.00
Pulled bbq pork nachos with a homemade salsa & garnish £7.50
Gorgonzola blue cheese nachos with crème fraiche & garnish £8.00

If you're still feeling hungry
then ask a member of the team
for a dessert menu

Oh and please do feel free to indulge in some yummy cocktails, wines, beers and spirits whilst you dine!
(Menu available from your waitress/waiter)

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