Both of our tasting trays/platters offer a great way to try various flavour combinations created by our mixologist. A perfect treat to share... Or spoil yourself.

Please be aware that these items may not be available during very busy periods. We apologise in advance if this is the case.



This is a great way to discover Mojito flavour combinations you may not have tried before. 4 150ml Kilner Jars filled with Mount Gay rum and all things Mojito... Each with an additional flavour chosen at random by us. Miniature, strong and full of flavour!



The prosecco tasting tray is a great way to sample some of our sparkling cocktails we have here at BCT. 5 miniature prosecco glasses filled with a selection of flavour combinations chosen by us, all topped off with chilled prosecco. All things sparkling and elegant!


A 75cl bottle of prosecco accompanied by 5 delicious flavoured liqueurs & a selection of our fabulous fruit garnishes.

Mmmm, delicious, be rude not too.



Just a bite / something on its own £3.50
or choose any 5 dishes for £12.00

Artisan bread with oil & balsamic
A jar of mixed olives in a homemade marinade
Fresh anchovies with fresh bread
A cup of crisps with a horseradish cream dip
A glass of sundried tomatoes & roasted peppers
Maple roasted nuts
Humus & crisps
A Perfect little nibble with a drink from the bar x


Please be aware that during busy periods, there may be a slight delay on drinks.

We take pride in ALL of our Cocktails they do take time to prepare!

We use fresh fruits, jams and sauces to enrich the flavours of our cocktails.

They are worth the wait


All cocktails in this section are £6.50 each
Be a 'Boner' and get 2 of the same cocktails below for £10.00 when ordered at the same time.

Strawberry & Peach
Classical but delicious! Rum, strawberry ODK, lime, strawberry liqueur, dash of sugar served in a sugar rimmed glass.
'I Like a Pina Coladas'
White rum, coconut rum, pineapple juice, coconut ODK with fine coconut, cream and caster sugar. shaken and served in a martini glass.
1940’s Raspberry 'Rickeeeeyyy'
Nothing too sweet in here my dear! Crushed fresh raspberries, raspberry liqueur, vodka, lime and raspberry ODK syrup. Stirred but not shaken, and topped with crushed ice.
Amaretto Sours
Amaretto, sugar syrup & lots of lime, finished with fresh lime to garnish (add some whiskey to mix it up)! Add an egg white (optional) for more depth.
Tom Collin's - now customise
your Tom Colin's your way

Flavoured liqueur, vodka or gin freshly squeezed lemon juice, sugar syrup, topped with soda & garnished with lemon.
The Cucumber Stiletto
Gin, St Germain elderflower, cucumber, fresh mint leaves, lime wedges, egg white (optional) a dash of tonic all muddled and served with ice.


All cocktails in this section are £6.50 each
Be a 'Boner' and get 2 of the same cocktails below for £10.00 when ordered at the same time.

Spiced Cornish 'Dark & Stormy'
Ginger beer, lime juice, caster sugar, topped Dead Man's Fingers spiced rum. Served with ice and fresh lime.
Gin Brambles
Gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, drizzled with fruits of the forest coulis, raspberry liqueur and blackberry liqueur, garnished with fresh berries.
Herbert the Sherbet Martini
Vodka, Limoncillo, Gastillo Vanilla liqueur, lemon juice. Shaken and topped with a Moretti lager.
Havana Rum, freshly muddled mint, lime chunks and caster sugar. Topped with soda and lots of ice!
Vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice, fresh lime & garnished with orange peel, sugar syrup (optional).
Tequila Blanco, Triple Sec, lime served with a salted glass.


All cocktails in this section are £7.50 each
Be a 'Boner' and get any 2 cocktails below for £12.00 when ordered at the same time.

Tickled Pink
Targuin's Cornish Gin, fresh lime juice, dash of rose and elderflower syrup. Shaken and drizzled with Edmond Briotett Rose Liqueur topped with Fever-Tree tonic water and crushed ice. Finished with a dried rose bud and lime!
Long Island Iced Tea
Gin, vodka, orange liqueur, tequila, spiced rum, sugar syrup, lemon and lime juice, shaken and topped with Coke.
Passion Fruit and Goji Berry Sparkling Martini
Vodka, passion fruit liqueur, Goji liqueur, lemon, shaken together and topped with a dash of prosecco.
Purple Rinse
Gin, St. Germain Elderflower liqueur, violet liqueur, ginger liqueur, dash of lavender syrup and lavender bitters. Shaken and served in a Martini glass.
The Bohemian Botanist
Earthy gin, pear syrup, cinnamon hot absinthe hot rinse, layered with sweet vermouth garnished with a fresh pear wing.
Diablo Danza (Dance with the devil)
Tequila, rich Rioja red wine, agave syrup, lime juice, cloves, egg white (optional) boozy but strong.


All cocktails in this section are £7.50 each
Be a 'Boner' and get any 2 cocktails below for £12.00 when ordered at the same time.

Strawberry & Rhubarb Margarita
Strawberry ODK, Tequila Blanco, lime, Triple Sec and rhubarb liqueur. Served with a sugar rim.
Mango & Chilli Margarita
Tequila, triple sec, mango, lime, orange bitters, chilli & agave.
Cherry Bomb
Indulge your inner child... Gin, crème de cerise liqueur, aromatic bitters, lemon & pressed apple juice, served with popping candy.
Twisted Dirty Martini
Hendrick's Gin stirred with dry vermouth, fresh thyme & olive brine or be a traditionalist & keep it classic.
Orange & Rosemary Old Fashioned
'A play on the traditional Old Fashion' - Blood orange, bourbon, rosemary, Demerara sugar, orange bitters.
Feeling a Little Fruity... Hmmmm...
Lamb's spiced rum, Triple Sec, Edemund Briotett passion fruit liqueur, lime, fresh raspberries, orange chunks & topped with pressed apple juice.


All cocktails in this section are £7.50 each
Be a 'Boner' and get any 2 cocktails below for £12.00 when ordered at the same time.

Minty Mocha Delight
Chocolate Baileys, mint vodka, Kahlua, chocolate sauce, half & half. Shaken and served with chocolate sprinkles.
A Night at the Movies
Vodka, popcorn syrup, cream, a dash of vanilla liqueur finished with fresh milk all shaken together and served with toffee popcorn.
Caramel Latte Martini
Vodka, Kahlua, Baileys, double cream, caramel syrup and topped with a delicious chocolate dusting.
Nuts About Berries
Disaronno, Frangelico liqueur, raspberry liqueur, pistachio ODK, milk & cream.
Honeycomb Espresso Martini
A shot of coffee, Kahlua, vodka, honeycomb and sugar syrup topped with coffee beans.
Strawberry Cheesecake
Vodka, vanilla liqueur, Edmond Briottet Crème de fig, half & half, strawberry ODK and soft cheese.

All shaken and severed in martini glass.


Put some sparkle in your Life
£8.00 each or be a 'Boner' and get any 2 for £14.00

Raspberry & Limoncello Fizz
Raspberry liqueur, raspberry ODK syrup, Limoncello, garnished with fresh raspberries topped with prosecco, finished with a squeeze of lime.
Passion Fruit & Goji Berry Bellini
Vodka, passion fruit ODK syrup, passion fruit liqueur, goji berry syrup, topped with prosecco.
English Garden
Elderflower liqueur, gin, fresh mint, and cucumber, garnished with a squeeze of lime topped with prosecco.
Like Me Violet Sparkle
Crème de violet, prosecco, topped with a dash of soda, garnished with crushed Parma Violet sweets.
Forager's Fizz
Gin, blueberry syrup, fresh blackberries, blueberries all muddled together and topped with sparkles.
Rose & Elderflower Delight
Rose and elderflower syrup, rose liqueur, dash of lemon and topped with prosecco, garnished with a rose bud.
Watermelon & Mint Sparkle
Fresh watermelon juice with watermelon syrup, fresh mint and a dash of lemon served in a long tall glass.


"Let's try & behave shall we"

Raspberry and Mint Twist
Raspberry ODK syrup made from fresh raspberries, sugar syrup to sweeten things up, dash of lemon juice, fresh mint leaves, mint syrup and a hint of elderflower. All topped with a dash of soda and crushed ice.
Forest Fruits Limeade
Blueberry syrup, fresh blueberries & blackberries, forest fruit ODK, lime, lemon, sugar syrup, elderflower cordial, finished off with soda.
Rose & Elderflower English Garden
Rose syrup, fresh cucumber, mint & strawberries muddled, sparkling elderflower topped with bubbling tonic and finished with petals.
Ray of Sunshine, Watermelon & Mint
Watermelon ODK syrup, melon juice, fresh mint leaves, lemon juice topped with soda.
Mango & Passion Fruit Fizz
The tropical taste of mango ODK syrup, combined with mint, passion fruit, mango juice, lime, topped with lemonade to create a deliciously zesty long drink.
Lady Lavender
Lavender syrup, basil leaves, lime & lemon, bitters, fresh lavender sprigs, topped with soda.


Cold Drinks

Franklin's Elderflower & Lemonade £3.00
Franklin's Strawberry & Raspberry £3.00
Franklin's Ginger Beer £3.00
Franklin's Rhubarb & Apple £3.00
Orange & Grapefruit £3.00

Small bottles of Coke £2.40
Small bottles of Diet Coke £2.40

Elderflower Soda Water £2.00
Rose & Elderflower Soda Water £2.00
Freshly made Raspberry Lemonade £3.00

Sparkling Water 250ml £2.00 / 750ml £4.50
Still Water 250ml £2.00 / 750ml £4.50
Tonic Water £1.60

Bottles of fresh cold tap water Free


01 Prosecco Spumante
Tenuta Ca'Bolani, NV Italy
Pale straw-yellow and a fine, clear mousse with delicate bubbles. Exuberantly fruity, aromatic, with appley notes. Well-balanced and easy-drinking with delicate hints of almond. (1) 11% vol
125ml £6.00 / 20cl Bottle £6.50 / Bottle £25.00

02 Il Fresco Rosato
Villa Sandi, NV Italy
Fruity and flowery bouquet with delicate notes of golden apple. This rosé is dry, fresh and zesty with an harmonious summer fruit finish. (2) 11.5% vol
20cl Bottle £7.00

03 Camel Valley Brut
Camel Valley, Cornwall, England
Superb golden sparkler with elegant fizz and full, ripe flavours, packed with elderflower and hedgerow notes, yet truly brut. (1) 12.5% vol
Bottle £45.00

04 Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut
NV, Champagne, France
Pale gold, confident full aroma and flavour, mouth-filling and satisfying. Excellent in its class with real depth of flavour. (1) 12% vol
Bottle £65.00


05 White Zinfandel
Car Hop California, USA
Hand-crafted from premium fruit, styled in a way to emphasise its pure flavours. Bright pink in colour, it bursts with juicy melon, raspberry and apple notes, held in check with a streak of lemonlime acidity. (3) 11% vol
175ml £4.50 / 250ml £6.00 / Bottle £17.00

06 Crazy Tropez Rose
NV Provence, France
This deliciously fun and fruity little number is produced by Domaine Tropez. A sweeter style pale rosé made from 70% Grenache and 30% Cinsault. (3) 13% vol
175ml £5.00 / 250ml £6.75 / Bottle £20.00


Not Too Shabby
07 Garganega-Pinot Grigio
Tanti Petali, Botter Veneto, Italy
Light and leafy with a hint of pear and blossom. An easygoing match for almost anything. (2) 12% vol
175ml £4.00 / 250ml £5.50 / Bottle £16.00

Jolly Good
08 Chenin-Torrontes
Avanti, Bodegas Borbore, San Juan, Argentina
Lifted notes of guava and tropical fruits, aromatic floral style, and makes an appealing off-dry wine. (3) 13% vol
175ml £4.50 / 250ml £6.00 / Bottle £17.00

09 Unoaked Chardonnay
Laroche, Languedoc, France
Skillfully-made modern wine, with a high-toned bouquet of limes, and a creamy-clean richness on the palate. (2) 13% vol
175ml £5.00 / 250ml £6.75 / Bottle £20.00

Bloody Marvellous
10 Sauvignon Blanc
Gravel & Loam, Marlborough, New Zealand
Intense gooseberry aromas alongside fresh herbaceous and grassy notes. Vibrant passion fruit, citrus and peach characters with top notes of melon and kiwi balanced with softer apple and white pear flavours. Well-structured zesty acidity with fantastic length and elegance. (1) 13% vol
175ml £6.00 / 250ml £7.50 / Bottle £22.00

The Bee's Knees
11 Picpoul de Pinet
Cuvee Caroline, Famille Morin, Languedoc, France
Abounding with fresh aromas of white flowers, acacia and hawthorn; ozone and sea air notes fill the senses and on the palate. It has a roundness from regular lees stirring during winemaking. This is a true 'gourmet' Picpoul. (1) 12.5% vol
Bottle £26.00


Not Too Shabby
12 Shiraz
Goldfields, South Australia
A soft, supple Shiraz, with deep black fruit aromas and hints of spice and pepper. (B) 14% vol
175ml £4.00 / 250ml £5.50 / Bottle £16.00

Jolly Good
13 Merlot
Santa Helena, Central Valley, Chile
Soft, ripe, rounded and packed with plummy spice and red fruit flavours. A very gentle texture supports plenty of blackberry, bramble fruit. A real over-performer. (C) 13% vol
175ml £4.50 / 250ml £6.00 / Bottle £17.00

14 Malbec
Agustinos Estate, Bio-Bio Valley, Chile
Blackberry and blueberry fruit flavours are intertwined with violets, fresh flowers and chocolate. Six months in oak gives coconut and buttery notes. A juicy mouth-filling wine, impressive balance and elegance. (C) 13.5% vol
175ml £5.00 / 250ml £6.75 / Bottle £20.00

Bloody Marvellous
15 Pinot Noir Vat 10
De Bortoli, South East Australia
Intensely concentrated with strawberry and spice flavours, showing true varietal character and well-structured with silky tannins and delicious ripe fruit. Outstanding in its class. (C) 13.5% vol
175ml £6.00 / 250ml £7.50 / Bottle £22.00

The Bee's Knees
16 Rioja Reserva
Azabache, Spain
Intense ruby red with an aged terracotta rim. Ripe fruit aromas laced with vanilla, chocolate and leather. Full-bodied red fruits with silky tannins and oak-ageing that gives a long and lingering finish. (D) 14% vol
Bottle £26.00

White and Rosé: 1 (driest) to 9 (sweetest) - Red Wines: A (lightest) to E (deepest)
% volumes may vary according to availability.

Wines supplied by St Austell Wines, St Austell Brewery Co. Ltd., Cornwall.


Cornish Tea £1.80
Earl Grey £1.80
Green Tea £2.00
Decaffeinated Tea £2.00
Moroccan Mint Tea £2.20
Fruit Punch £2.20

Please ask for others as we may have them in

Coffees, Chocolatey Drinks & Iced Coffees
Americano £1.80
Espresso £1.60/£2.80
Macchiato £2.00
Cappuccino £2.20
Latte £2.20
Hot Chocolate £2.60
Mocha £2.95
Flavoured Coffee £3.00

Iced Coffee £3.50
Flavoured Iced Coffee £3.95

Please ask for flavours as we have so many of them


A Cheeky Pint on Tap....

Moretti £4.00


Peroni £3.80
Estrella £3.50
Pacifico Mexican Lager £3.80
Tribute £4.00
Beerd IPA £4.20

Please ask for guest ale of the month mmmm... delicious


Stan's Cans Of Cider £3.00
Orchard Pig Apple Cider £4.00

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