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Monday all day...
Tue-Sat 5pm/6.00pm...

Choose 3 Tapas accompanied by a side of Baker Tom's Bread £9.95
Add A Glass of house wine £12.95

Roasted thyme & garlic Potatoes (V)(VG)(GF)
Served w Horseradish Cream

Lemon & Garlic Pan Fried Prawns (GF)
Prawns Pan Fried w Lemon & Garlic Butter With A Micro Coriander & Mixed Leaf Salad & Fresh Lemon

Winter Vegetable Crumble (vg) (GF)
A selection of winter vegetables, carrots, parsnips, baby onions, aubergines & squash roasted in stock with a cheesy panko crumb

Baked Camembert w a onion Chutney (VG)
Baked Camembert w a onion Chutney, Black Pepper & Croutons

Holiday Burger balls (V) (VG) (GF)
Sweet Potato, Chickpeas, carrot & Aromatic Spices served as an Open Burger with hummus, homemade slaw

Mushrooms on toast (V) (GV) (GF)
Creamy coconut Mushroom & Spinach with nutmeg on chunky toasted Baker Tom’s bread

Vegan Thai Curry (V)(VG)(GF)
‘Pimp me Up’ by adding King Prawns £2.50
Thai Spices with Chilli, Coconut & Lime, Mushrooms, Spinach, Red Onion, Mixed Peppers & Micro Herbs

Delicious pork, Beef & chilli Meatballs (GF)
Pan Fried Meatballs in a Light Tomato Sauce, Topped w Cheese, Fresh Herbs

Sloppy Joes pulled turkey (GF)
Slow cooked turkey in a BBQ Marinade topped with spicy mayo on a bed of potatoes with rainbow slaw

Tennessee Sticky Chicken (GF)
Chicken wings and drumsticks cooked in a Tennessee bbq sauce and mixed seeds


Tomato Chutney, Homemade pea shoots And Crème Fraiche & Garnish £ 7.00
Sides At Any Time... £3.50 (GF)
Crunchy Raw Homemade Rainbow slaw
Crispy Chunky Thyme Hand Cut Chips

G I F T   V O U C H E R S

S H A R E   T H E   L O V E

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