Super Sharing Sundays


We are by far not a traditional ‘Tea Room’
We serve delicious Cocktails, Tapas & High Teas
We do not have a Scone in sight…
If you’re looking for a Menu with a difference then you’re in the correct place!

We at Bone China thank you for your custom. We hope you enjoy your experience here with us whilst you dine.
We would just like to inform you that all our dishes are home cooked & each dish is cooked to order by Vicky & her Team.
A short delay may occur during busy times.
So grab a Nibble and another Cocktail whilst you wait!

Crisp and dips

Open Sandwiches £7.50
Served on Open Farmhouse Bread
Served with a Side Salad & a Cup of yummy Crisps
Slow cooked Pulled Pork with a BBQ Marinade served with a raw rainbow slaw
Delicious Pork & Apple Meatballs with a Tomato Sauce & Cheddar Cheese
Melted Brie, Cranberry Chutney & Bacon
Cured Smoked Salmon with Lemon, Black Pepper, Cream Cheese
Creamy Mushroom, Spinach & Ricotta with lemon and nutmeg on chunky toasted Baker Tom’s bread
Baked Camembert Cheese with a fig chutney

To share £10.50
Baked Camembert with a Red Onion Chutney Black Pepper & Croutons
Homemade Soup of the Week, with Crunchy Farmhouse Bread...
Perfect to warm your cockles £7.00

Flat breads £8.50

Try our delicious flat breads served hot with a healthy side salad salsa & dip

Oven baked King Prawns cooked on a tomato & cheddar base, finished with fresh basil, cracked black pepper and olive oil
Serrano Ham cooked on a tomato and blue cheese base, finished with red amaranth and a balsamic glaze

Something to Share or Indulge

Mezze Boards & Platters

Perfect for sharing or if you’re feeling hungry x

Fish Mezze £30
Pan Fried Lemon & Garlic Prawns, Fish Goujons, Steamed Mussels & Braised Squid, Anchovies & Mackerel pate all served with Fresh Bread, Hummus, Olives, Mayonnaise & a Seasonal Salad

Meat Mezze £30
A Selection of Meats, Serrano & Italian Hams, Pork & Apple Meatballs, Pulled Turkey, sticky marinated Chicken Drumsticks, Turkey & Cranberry Burger with blue cheese, Farmhouse Bread, Hummus, Olives & a Seasonal Salad

Veggie Platter £25 (V)(VG)
Olives, Hummus, Roasted Peppers, Homemade Salsa, Sundried Tomatoes, Root Crisps, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, holiday Burger, Roasted Winter Vegetable & brie Cheese Melt, Vegan Thai Curry, served with Breads, Oils and Dips

Sunday Sharing Tray of Loveliness £50.00pc

10 Little Dishes; but perfectly formed!

‘1 Tray Shared between 2 People’

If your Party has Odd Numbers then ask your Waiter/ Waitress for a tray for each individual Person!
Making it £25pp

Sharing Trays can take up to 30 minutes to prepare and cook during busy times so please bare this in mind when ordering.

Tray of Loveliness

Can be either

Please remember to advise your Server of any Allergies or Dietary Requirements, or if you wish to be completely Vegetarian

thank you

Mixed Tray

To start
Cold meats & pickles board / Bread & Olives
~ Your Little Tray of Loveliness will consist of:

Whole roasted ricotta (VG)
Roasted ricotta cheese with fig chutney & Croutons

Roasted sage & clementine Potatoes (V)(GF)
Fluffy Potatoes roasted in Olive Oil with melted butter, sage & clementine

Roasted winter Vegetables & melted brie (V)(VG)(GF)
Oven roasted winter Vegetables parsnips, carrots & butternut squash with Herbs & Chilli Flakes, Sprinkled with Toasted Nuts & Seeds

Sprouts with attitude (GF)
Pan fried sprouts with chorizo, rosemary and chestnuts drizzled with sherry vinegar

Delicious pork & apple balls with sage (GF)
Pan Fried pork balls in a Light red wine & tomato jus

Sloppy Joes pulled turkey (GF)
Slow cooked turkey in a BBQ Marinade topped with rainbow slaw & apple chutne

Chicken sauté with white wine, shallots & tarragon (GF)
Chicken legs sautéed with shallots, garlic, tarragon, white wine & crème fraiche
Stuffed Yorkshire puddings
Delicious Yorkshires stuffed with pigs in blankets, drizzled with gravy
Two Desserts chosen at random
Washed down with a lovely crisp glass of red or white wine


G I F T   V O U C H E R S

S H A R E   T H E   L O V E

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